Nielsen Media Research

The office component is rendered as a transparent bar that hovers over a concrete base and wraps the courtyard. Analogous to the computer punch card random openings, the glazing system of the office area inverts the idea of the data center in varying colors and opacities of glass. Public programmatic elements (dining halls, break rooms and conference rooms) are isolated and rendered as elements in the landscape. A public plaza leads visitors from the parking area to a breezeway beneath the building that serves as the entry to the main lobby and a connection to the nature preserve beyond. The campus integrates large public spaces counterpointed with public art, gardens, and fountains. Programmatic elements include administrative offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, dining hall, breakrooms, a Data Center, and a public plaza to accommodate all employees for Town Hall meetings. The data center operates 24/7 and is the heart of the complex yet it required a “non-presence” for security reasons and restricted internal at access.