Streamsong Golf Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is slipped into its natural site with a one-story limestone plinth at grade, a cedar box sitting atop, and a glass pavilion for the meeting space floating off to one side. The clubhouse contains a conference center, a restaurant and 12 studio apartments. Its color palette complements the sand dunes all around it, as well as the spectrum of the Florida sunlight. The idea is to create a piece of timeless architecture with the placement and the materiality of the building. Inside there’s a flow that references the interweaving golf courses outside. With an emphasis on duality of materials, like cherry and walnut, and two types of stone, even the golf carts are part of the interwoven scenario, after the 18th hole you bring the cart under the building. Paintings and murals by the architect are everywhere one greets you at the pavilion another is the backdrop in the restaurant. A celebratory veranda overlooks the start and finish for both courses. “When you’re there, you can’t see any sign of human construction – it fits there in a nice, calm way.”